The Canon 20D Digital SLR

by brian d foy

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Just when you think Randal Schwartz has nothing left to write about, he shows off his shiny new Canon 20D Digital SLR.

Now I want one: 1/8000th second shutter speed! Take a look at his some of the pictures he got with that.


2004-10-07 00:26:00
DSLRs finally catching up
My F100 (model launched around 1999) has 1/8000 as well and costs a lot less...

I'm constantly surprised when people hail "new" capabilities of DSLRs as being revolutionary that have been available in real cameras for years and sometimes decades.

2004-10-09 05:27:14
DSLRs finally catching up
Right. Nothing special about film cameras having 1/8000th of a second. My excitement was seeing a good digital capture for that speed.