The cat's mustaches, a Tiger series

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

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Boy has it been hard to keep everything under wraps! Today is, as you all know, a big day for the Mac community, with the imminent release of Mac OS X v. 10.4 Tiger, its 200+ new features, 15+ new desktop backgrounds, 5+ new screen savers and 1+ new box design.

But today is also an important day for the MacDevCenter! As you can imagine, we are ready to get you acquainted with Tiger, show you around some of its absolute coolest features and share with you the excitement that surrounds the launch of every Apple product. As part of this information extravaganza, I will have the pleasure and honor to walk you through your first installation of Tiger a bit later today — watch your RSS newsreader to get all the news — and I hope this first piece will be of use to some of you.

Last but not least, I am also pleased to announce that, starting today with this very entry, I have pledged to regularly blog about Tiger, its exciting features and the questions that will inevitably arise within the Mac community. While I do have a few ideas that I am really looking forward to discuss with you on the O'Reilly Network, I wanted to grasp this occasion to ask you what you were interested in hearing about. Do you have any special questions, wonderings, anxieties the answers to which you think would look good in mini-article format? In any case, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know about them: it is always a pleasure to hear from you and I am looking forward to extending some of the discussions we are already having on the Zone to this very blog.

I know many of you are already grabbing the keys to get in line at your local Apple Store so remember to stay hydrated (drink plenty of water), stretch and get warmed up before you jump inside to grab the box and, most of all, do not, under any circumstances, bring along any object that could be mistaken with an unlimited cash supply in the heat of the action like credit cards or checkbooks — the stores are tempting places that demand a high level of self-control… ;^)

Have fun, y'all!

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