The Cat's Mustaches — Virex is the virus

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

The problem

After installing Tiger, some users might notice that their Mac is slow, very slow, as if it had discovered a bottle of Xanax in your medicine cabinet and decided to call it quits… Luckily, this temporary state of fatigue and pain in the joints can be easily fixable.

Indeed, should you have a remaining Virex 7.5 installation on your computer, it is well possible that the kernel extensions and background processes that power Virex are going nuts, using up to 95% of your CPU — which, as you can imagine, can lead to various issues from excessive heat or noise to slowness and crashes.

The solution

Luckily, the solution to this issue is straightforward: you simply need to uninstall Virex by using the uninstaller the McAfee engineers have written for occasions like these. This uninstaller is a shell script that automatically rm-s everything Virex-related for you, including the trouble-inducing kernel extensions.

Chances are that it is already installed on your Mac, as it is part of the default Virex distribution — Spotlight will, under most circumstances, allow you to find it easily. Should it be nowhere to be found on your drive, you can find a copy of it in the Virex Installation disk image that can be downloaded from your iDisk's Software folder.

Simply double-click on the script, which will open in Terminal and, when prompted, enter your administrative password (it will not be displayed on the screen), followed by return, which will grant it the necessary privileges to roam through your system folders.

Once the script has completed, simply restart your Mac.

A word of caution

Needless to say, this disables your anti-virus protection and you should therefore exercise extra caution. .Mac members might also want to contact Apple and inquire about this situation, making sure that you outline the steps you have taken as well as the symptoms you were experiencing.


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