The chimera of Camino

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

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I'll shamefully admit it, I am a browser junkie and just about all web browsers that are made for Mac OS X have made it, at a point or another, onto my computer. Why? Not because I like changing for the sake of change but because I need to routinely test sites that I or others have designed. Also, keeping multiple browsers, allows at times for more flexible bookmarks and flexible management.

One of my favorite browsers is, and has always been Camino: to me, it embodies what a Mac browser should be — fast, clean, efficient, integrated with Apple technologies. While the Camino project has known highs and lows over the past years, development of the latest versions has picked up at surprising speeds and the project is now nearing its first major milestone. The Camino of today has little to do with the Chimera of yore, except for the project's guiding philosophies and users who haven't looked at it in a while will probably be surprised by its new found power and features.

In pure Camino style, the release doesn't look impressive at first but starts shining when one digs deeper and takes time to understand the motto printed on the site "Simplicity is a thing of infinite beauty". It is certainly not for everyone and the current release still is in alpha form — meaning crashes can and do happen and your feedback is kindly requested. Only the ones of us who feel geekiest at heart will want to download it right now but everyone should at least keep an eye on future announcements.

Between Safari, Camino, Firefox, Opera, OmniWeb, iCab and the others, Mac OS X is shaping up to be quite the Internet browsing platform!

PS: I know, that was one very bad title! ;^)


2005-09-16 02:03:04
quick, clean, slightly too lean
Camino's certainly got The Snappy, and it is nice and clean like proper Apple software.

I think it also suffers from small feature omissions, again, just like proper Apple software. Start up at the page (or series of tabs) you closed down on? Nope, not yet. Stick that in, and I'll happily use Camino rather than anything else.

2005-09-16 02:08:16
quick, clean, slightly too lean

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to post and share your ideas with us!

Have you sent feedback to the Camino project? They have a special page ( for such inquiries.


2005-09-16 02:15:20
my browser of choice
if i won't persuade you Camino still renders faster than Safari, at least it lets me to interact with pages being reloaded/replaced (saves me going back and forth in history if my eye catches something after i already made my choice). it employs genuine URL keyboard shortcuts allowing input, making all them extra search fields obsolete. its minimal interface was always an example of an app that doesn't get in you way.

with Mozilla plugin support limited, as a web designer i'm quite saturated by help of Mouseover DOM Inspector, for more browser preference tweaks, you can try most of mozilla settings, or use CamiOptions, for instance. and i was able to rewrite a sed/awk script originally geared on Fireworks to slice Camino bookmark XML file to separate metadata cache files for Spotlight search. what else am i missing from the world of browsers?