The Convergence of Cocoa Craftsmen

by Derrick Story

Working more efficiently in Cocoa is a skill that can benefit every Mac developer. You can improve on your own, through books, and with the help of peers. But to achieve the next level of craftsmanship, you often need to study with the masters.

Next month O'Reilly is hosting a convergence of skilled Cocoa craftsmen. Scott Anguish is leading a tutorial titled Cocoa Bindings and a session on Writing Interface Builder Palettes. During the same week, Aaron Hillegass is sharing his Best Practices for Cocoa Programmers. Just about the time you finish organizing your notes, James Duncan Davidson starts talking about Test Driven Objective-C Developement.

You might also want to see what's going to happen with this technology in the upcoming Tiger release. Fortunately we have Wiley Hodges, Senior Product Line Manager - Developer Products, Apple Computer, giving a feature presentation on Tiger, Xcode, and Java.

ADC members and Apple employees should read this notice.

Become a better craftsman by studying with the masters.