The creative community takes action on INDUCE

by Uche Ogbuji

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You've heard about INDUCE, right? It really is going down this time. Even though it's still in committee, the atmosphere seems to indicate that a worrying proportion of the US Senate may have damned near lost their minds. In its annihilation of personal liberties, this bill could dwarf the DCMA. Apparently there is wariness even within the "creative community" big media claims as clientele (and big media shows every arrogant presumption in the way they use that phrase). A coalition of musicians has written a letter of concern to the committee. Let's hope this helps kill it there, or let's be ready for an all-out fight if this one hits the Senate floor.

What are the best ways to help defeat a bad bill while still in committee?


2004-08-18 19:58:09
No I haven't heard of Induce. Being a member of ASCAP though, I don't hear much of anything about what's going on in the music business, just some lame "Playback" magazine that they must spend about $30,000,000.00 of the members' money on each year to promote their favorite old time stars.

And I do mean old!

So what is Induce?

2004-08-19 10:50:51
Gotta click the URL (at the top, by my picture). But to save you a click or two: