The Dan Sugalski Pie Series

by Derrick Story

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When everyone filed into the big Ballroom for the final event of OSCON 2004, some may have wondered why the stage was covered in plastic. Well, Dan Sugalski had lost a bet to Guido van Rossum that Python will run faster on Parrot, and it was time for payback -- in the form of a cream pie right in the ole kisser. And just for good measure, Dan agreed to take a second pie as part of a fund raising endeavor.

I captured the whole sequence using a Canon 10D digital camera. For those of you interested in specs, I attached a 50mm f-1.7 lens and set it wide open. I then set the ISO to 800 and the white balance to "auto." These settings enabled me to shoot with existing light in burst mode without being slowed down by a flash that never recycles fast enough. Thanks to decent stage lighting, I was able to fire away at 1/125th of a second, allowing me to freeze the action as it took place.

If you want to see how Dan got creamed, you can check-out the series here.


2004-07-31 21:35:42
I took off right before the pies and missed it. Sorry I missed it (and you), but thanks for the photos.
2004-08-01 02:17:59
50 mm f-1.7 ?
I think you meant f-1.8, right ?

Yeah, I'm a natural born nitpicker :)

2004-08-01 07:59:52
50 mm f-1.7 ?
Yes, 50mm f-1.8. The metadata incorrectly listed the maximum aperture at f-1.7.