The economic value of user contributions to Internet sites

by Andy Oram

It was a remarkable moment when that staunch pillar of American media, Time Magazine, chose the entire population as Person of the Year. While Time raises a shrine to grassroots news and culture—including explicit obeisance to the YouTube amateur video phenomenon, musical mash-ups (with no hand-wringing over copyright infringement), and the Wikipedia smorgasbord—the editor complemented their precedent-shattering announcement with a brave claim that they regarded the information horde as an enhancement rather than a challenge to their journalistic profession.

User contributions may help to bulk up every business that depends on information, but they also force the painful exercise of new muscles. At the same time, these contributions are creating a new kind of economic value that may require a different way of measuring corporate assets.


2007-08-30 05:40:14
Please me to answer this question. Why data is considered as an economic like land, labour and capital
2008-02-25 05:22:08
This is an interesting review, I am actually thinking about the utility of an integrated model that includes stock trading programs available for tangible and intangible assets in US.