The Empire folds back

by Giles Turnbull

What is Microsoft up to?

Look at the Origami Project and you don't get very much information, but what little you do get implies that Origami is going to be something mobile-ish, something tablet-ish, something multimedia-ish.

An iPod competitor? Perhaps, in the sense that it will almost certainly include file storage and music playing features. But just because something can store music files and play them, that doesn't make it a serious iPod competitor.


2006-02-27 06:26:08
... which would, of course, finally lead to more competition for the iPod and thus, hopefully, to quicker development in the iPod-family. I mean: I don't mind the current iPods. They're great. But they're certainly not all they _could_ be. Apple needs more serious competition. And this Origami project might be part of it.
2006-02-27 06:30:17
@ fryke: Exactly right. Some more competition can only be a good thing for Apple's products (and prices), in my opinion.
2006-02-27 07:10:06
Paper Tiger
2006-02-27 11:23:45
The Origami might also include gaming, this report from the premier Halo fan site includes a bit of video showing a man sitting on a bench in public playing Halo on a tablet. (Halo comes for Xbox & PC [and Mac], so you can't deduce anything about platform from this.)
movie link
2006-02-27 11:46:25
2006-02-27 12:05:50
i think you're thinking too small, u should be thinking 'half size tablet p.c.'
2006-02-27 13:44:45
I hope it has a Bob 2.0 interface, that would be AWESOME!!!
2006-02-27 23:13:39
Yeah, Microsoft Bob was the best interface ever. And with all of Microsofts' money and marketing power behind it, it became the leader... oh wait, it sucked.