The Eveel Empire Strikes Back (But Not in the Way One Might Expect)

by M. David Peterson

Just when you thought it was safe to make assumptions regarding whether or not MSFT understood the "Don't Fight The Internet" rule of doing business on the 2.0 Web, they go and get all "Open" on us. So much for the Free-as-in-"let's use "Open" as a marketing tool against Microsoft... I mean, it's not like they will ever 'Open UP'! Bwahhh hah hah hah hah ha... Wait what???!!!"

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Microsoft Working on OpenID Support

It looks like we just announced that we'll be supporting OpenID at the RSA conference. Official details are in the press release Microsoft Outlines Vision to Enable Secure and Easy Anywhere Access for People and Organizations which states



2007-02-06 16:23:25
Stop the presses! Microsoft is "embrace and extend"ing again! Wait, what??? I think "Doh!" is definitely applicable, But Not in the Way I Think You Might Expect.
M. David Peterson
2007-02-06 20:47:16

I'm not sure I understand your point. What are you suggesting? That embracing OpenID and extending its reach is in someway a bad thing? How?

The way I see it is pretty simple: OpenID provides a simple, non-secure way of verifying your identity. This in no way competes with MSFT's Card Services which is geared towards providing the secured identity (e.g. purchasing items on the internet with your credit card, and proving that you are who you say you are) side of the equation.

To me, anyway, they seem complimentary. And if not complimentary, at very least non-competitive. Am I missing something obvious that goes beyond the "I just don't trust them" aspect?

2007-02-07 13:32:47
Hope you're right, though after twenty years of the same patterns my hope is mostly desire rather than confidence...
M. David Peterson
2007-02-07 15:48:49

> ... after twenty years of the same patterns my hope is mostly desire rather than confidence...

I believe that is a pretty fair statement. Trust must be earned, rather than simply given without caution when history suggests reasons for caution.

Time will tell, and I think that in this case, things will turn out as they seem, but your point is well taken, none-the-less.