The Fall of the Curse of Schematron!

by Rick Jelliffe

The Curse of Schematron seems to have lifted: this curse was that who ever worked upgrading the common XSLT implementation of Schematron 1.n to fit the new ISO standard would suffer from serious illness until they stopped work, at which point the illnesses would get cleared up. The curse first struck me, then Ken Holman who stepped up the plate next, then me again when I took up the bat again. I don't know what combination of garlic and surgery has caused the unnatural oppression to vanish, but it seems to have worked. Thank God.

Which all an overly-dramatic way of announcing that ISO Schematron validation is not longer vaporware but I have this week put out a beta implementation at (Err, actually even that is too dramatic: Uche Ogbuji beat me in releasing his version, Amaya.)


M. David Peterson
2007-01-23 07:01:24
This is *VERY COOL* stuff! A very big part of my development future is being built with Schematron at its center. Thanks Rick!