The First Community Gumstix Website

by Rich Gibson

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Zach Welch has created the first community sponsored site in support of the 'Stix.' He has much better photos than mine and lots of information on the kernel and a cleaner Linux distro.

He had Kernel 2.6.4 ready for the Gumstix six hours after release! Way to go Zach!

I showed my Gumstix off last night at Dorkbot ("people doing strange things with electricity") in San Francisco. There was an Electrical Engineer there from a major company who said that the board was completely modern. "That's the pitch we use at work." And with his company that was a strong endorsement.

Everyone also agreed that the daughter board was emminently hackable.

Things are just moving right along!


2004-03-13 01:32:52
Gumstix And Perl?

is Perl available for that platform?

Ciao, Valerio