The first Linux marketing from Microsoft

by Andy Oram

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In this modest announcement, "Microsoft Picks InterVideo for Windows
Media Port to Linux," we see the first tiny crack in the immense
anti-Linux phalanx marshaled by Microsoft. The goal seems to be not to
run a Microsoft application on Linux--not yet!--but to make sure Linux
consumer devices can handle Microsoft formats. I guess Microsoft
didn't trust those clumsy free software developers to figure out the
formats for themselves...

But in marketing terms, this is a major concession from
Microsoft. They are admitting that in one quite crucial, huge
area--consumer devices--they are going to have to live and let live
with Linux. It's a recognition that Linux is here to stay, so
Microsoft might as well take a piece of the Linux pie. It's also a
tremendous endorsement of Linux's potential in consumer devices, and
by extension in other embedded systems.

Does this portend a new Microsoft strategy regarding Linux?


2003-04-08 14:00:12
Mplayer (from clumsy free software developers)
2003-04-08 14:50:42
DRM propagation
RIAA_Tool Tool = MS;
MS_Tool tool = MSMEDIA;

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