The First Meeting of the Emerging Technology Group

by William Grosso

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I'm starting a new SIG, concerned with emerging technology (I've written a previous weblog article about it too). We held our first meeting last Tuesday.

64 people showed up to hear R.V. Guha speak about his work on TAPache.

The core idea is fairly simple: build a simple platform so that people can share data. Instead of the increasingly complex world of XML (where specs take 300 pages and are unimplementable), focus on a simple data model and a very simple query interface. It's easy for people to export data, and since the data is basically RDF-style triples, it's easy for programs to interpret the results.

What's more:
TAPache also implements everything as an apache module and a client library. You can literally download the code and start experimenting with the semantic web.

Amazing stuff. Really. I only wish that Guha's comment's about commercial prospects ("We're about 5 years away from any reasonable business model") didn't ring quite so true.

What emerging technologies are you interested in?