The First Presidential Weblog

by John Adams

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No, the first Presidential weblog is not Bush For America (though I wish them well in the bidding for Neither is it either of these erudite effusions (although I could make as good a case as that for Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. No, it's this offering from that good and decent man, President Jimmy Carter:

I will send my "blogs" (Web logs) from Africa, sharing with you my experiences from Togo, Ghana, and Mali via the Carter Center Web site during the coming days.

Anyone who doubts President Carter writes these entries himself is invited to think again. Carter is, by any reasonable measure, the most accomplished writer among the forty-odd American president.

And what would he like to talk to you about? Why, a trip to Africa, just like Ethan Zuckerman and Joi Ito:

Guinea worm disease is contracted when people consume stagnant water, contaminated with microscopic water fleas carrying infective larvae. Inside a human's abdomen, the larvae mature and grow, some as long as three feet. After a year, the worm slowly emerges through a painful blister in the skin, usually on the lower limbs.

Relieving the suffering caused by Guinea worm is as easy as educating people about the disease and providing them with simple solutions to make their drinking water safe. Health is a human right and can be a foundation for peace. The end is in sight. Working together, we can stop Guinea worm now.

As I reflect on this return pilgrimage to Africa, I feel a sense of hope for the children, women, and men I will meet along the way and look forward to the experiences that await Rosalynn and me.

Okay, so I led off with a cheap joke--still, isn't it great to see a President of the United States talk about his weblog?