The Give it a Good Whack School of Tech Support?

by Brian Jepson

After the Boot Camp beta came out, I got a lot more excited about a MacBook Pro, so I ordered a refurbished unit from the Apple Store (with plans to sell my PowerBook and my PC laptop before the finance charges catch up with me). I usually place my computer on a CoolPad, so I didn't notice that the bottom of my case was warped. But I went on the road shortly after the MacBook arrived, and I was using it on a hotel desk when I realized it was scraping the desk surface every time I moved it.

I slid a business card underneath it and dragged it across the front, and was upset to find out that it got stuck about halfway across.

Since I was close to San Francisco, I took it into the Apple Store, and I explained my problem to the employee who greeted me (Jeffrey), who naturally sent me to the Genius Bar. I got in the queue, and was helped by Justin, who took it into the back, probably did something that I was better off not seeing :-), and returned with the MacBook and slid a business card underneath, which moved the whole way unimpeded.

This was my first Genius Bar experience, and I'm impressed. I wish I could get that kind of instant service for all my gadget woes!