The HP Pro B9180 Printer and Aperture

by Derrick Story

I've been testing the HP Pro B9180 inkjet printer for the last few months, and for much of my printing, using Aperture. Why? In short, because it's easier.

I was running a variety of paper stocks through the B9180 (and if you read the review, you'll see there are some great ones), and being able to save all of my presets was a blessing. One of the keys to testing, and printing repeatability in general, is to find the best settings, then stick with them. Aperture makes this so easy.


Speaking of the HP B9180 itself, I think this is a great pro printer for $500. I'm totally addicted to 13x19 inch prints - don't like looking at anything smaller really. And they are beautiful, archival, and feel good in the hands. This is the unit I'm now recommending to photo enthusiasts looking for their first serious printer. And the good news for us is, it works great with Aperture.

One other thing, if you haven't listened to my interview with Joe Schorr on color management, I recommend it. Lots of tips in there apply nicely to working with the HP B9180.


2007-02-25 11:05:08
Thanks for the recommendation. Can you tell us how much you're spending on ink?
2007-02-25 11:10:52
This is very impressive:

The low ink cartridge warning comes on about three prints (13 by 19 inches) before depletion. I kept printing after the warning, and finally the B9180 just stopped in mid-print and told me I was out of ink. I popped open the printer drawer, replaced the depleted cartridge, and the B9180 went back to work and finished my print without any noticeable effect.
Per Ejeklint
2007-06-11 03:28:40
I got my own B9180 and am quite happy with it, but there is one major issue. The HP provided profiles doesn't work for onscreen proofing - there is a rather strong yellow/red cast onscreen. Prints are fine though. I have some Ilford profiles for this printer and they work great, it's only HPs own profiles that go wrong - and in Aperture only, they do work fine in Photoshop. Does anyone know more about this?