The Hulkster

by David A. Chappell

With all the traveling I do, I find it odd that I never really run into anyone famous. (Well there was that time I met "Carrot Top" at the check-in line at Laguardia airport, but that doesn't really count :).

This weekend that statistic changed when I ran into Hulk Hogan at the Orlando Marriot World Center. He was sitting there in the corner of the lobby with 2 of his people going over a powerpoint presentation. There was some kind of bone and joint replacement conference going on at the hotel, so my guess is that he was a keynote speaker there. He wasn't exactly in full wrestling costume, but he was wearing a sleeveless T-Shirt and his telltale head bandanna.

I boldly walked over to him and said hello, shook his hand and asked him if I could take a photo
(using my camera phone). He smiled an agreed. He never stood up, but even from my vantage point he is one gigantic dude!