The Inside Macintosh problem

by brian d foy

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Adam Turoff defined The Inside Macintosh Problem:

The original edition of Inside Macintosh (later known as Inside Macintosh, Volume I) was a reference book of 25 chapters, each written with the expectation that you had read and fully understood the other 24 chapters it built on.

He wonders if anyone else has heard (or used) this terminology. Anyone? Beuller?


2005-03-26 12:07:39
DEC Documentation
The full documentation set for VAX/VMS was vast and at one time came in orange-red binders. In some shops the docs were referred to as the brick wall. This wasn't only because of the physical resemblance when a floor to ceiling bookcase was filled with red binders. It was also because the VAX/VMS documentation could be maddeningly self- referential.