The iPhone

by Jesse Liberty

Every couple years I buy a consumer product that I think will be good, but turns out to be so great as to be almost embarrassing. The most recent example was buying my first DVR (e.g., TIVO). I thought it would be a cool alternative to a VCR, and pausing live TV would be "convenient." It was so great, and so useful that even my gadget-averse family agreed that it was wonderful. In Maslow's pyramid of needs, it isn't down there with food and shelter, but it s at a more important level than, say, "self-actualization."

I call this phenomenon YOWZAs. My newest YOWZA is the iPhone. I bought it because I wanted to see if Silverlight will run on its browser, and because it is cool, and because I use my telephone, pda and iPod every day and the idea of combining them into one device was very appealing.

Background: I have been using a Treo for over a year. I like the treo, though I don't love it. The browser is only barely usable, the keyboard is barely usable (one feature they despeaately need is a switch to turn of key-repeat) but much of it is great. For some reason, however, my Treo likes to go back to "Time Set" after every call, which I'm sure I could fix if I took the time to figure it out.

The iPhone is, however: the best PDA I've ever had, the best iPod I've ever had and (nearly) the best phone I've ever had. The more I use it the more I love it.


M. David Peterson
2007-07-02 08:51:59
>> I bought it because I wanted to see if Silverlight will run on its browser, <<

So does it?

Jesse Liberty
2007-07-05 08:02:45
>>So does it?

No, but I'm an idiot. Silverlight says quite clearly that it runs on the MacOS and on Windows and the iPhone has neither. When you try to agree to the license, Safari complains. As it should. That's okay; there's lots of time.

The longer I have the phone, the more I like it, but it is clearly a first generation device.

2007-07-05 18:11:50
For voice dialing, Cingular/AT&T has server-based option, but you still have to dial "*8" to get to it! And OSX IS in the iPhone, but it doesn't support saving files from the browser, which may be the problem.

And when did consumers get suckered into thinking a $80/month plan is cheap? When it was getting down to $39.95/month I was thinking "finally... they're getting back to the $25/month rate for my house phone". Argh!