The iPhone And Aperture - A Bright Future

by Scott Bourne

I just watched what seemed like the combination of a worship service and a rock concert. Steve Jobs just announced the iPhone and let me tell you, everything is about to change.

Digital photography will never be the same. All those portable media players that you've seen floating around for the last few years have just been rendered obsolete.

The new iPhone treats digital photography as an important component of the system and there's a really bright future for Aperture users in this mix.


2007-01-09 13:47:28
Pfft i want to be able to create a multimedia slideshow from Aperture and then have the ability to send that to a iPhone user.

2007-01-09 22:44:58
Aperture integration with the iPhone would be great, assuming Apple actually fixes the existing bugs with syncing Aperture with iPods. As it stands, every time I add a new project or folder to Aperture, iTunes seems to get confused and unchecks my existing Aperture folder selections and deletes them from the iPod. It's basically useless.
Andrew Reid
2007-01-12 09:54:48
We anticipate that the optical charcteristics of the iPhone will be incorporated in to the SizeFixer software and thus enable the super resolution mode which will enable optimum Low-Resolution Enlargements. Andrew
Roy Levien
2007-06-17 18:06:12
In what sense are Aperture and iPhoto "integrated"?