The iPodLounge Gallery

by Hadley Stern

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The iPod is much more than a shiny little thing that plays music. For some intangible reason people are passionate about their iPods. What other device would you ever have people taking the effort of taking (most often) interesting photos of their device and posting them on the web?

So it is with the iPods Around the World gallery from The gallery currently contains almost 3000 images of iPods in their worldwide settings. The Eiffel towers is represented in a number of photos, one of my favorites being this shot. Apart from a great collection of the iPod in geographic settings (pyramids, buddhas, etc) there are great shots of people interacting with iPods. I would never let ever of my sons get within drooling distance of my iPod but, I must admit, that this is a dynamite shot.

The iPodlounge gallery proves what many of us iPod owners know. There is something intangible about the iPod that transcends technology. Maybe it's because the iPod is the conduit for our musical passions? Or maybe it's because it's so darn beautiful.