The Joy of Local Mailing Lists

by Geoffrey Grosenbach

Sometimes I feel like a slacker. I don't subscribe to Ruby-Talk or any of the official Rails mailing lists. I just don't have time to read 500 messages a day!

I do lurk on several local Ruby mailing lists. The traffic is usually smaller and the content is top notch.

Here are a few that I enjoy reading...

NOTE: If you choose to subscribe, be courteous. Lurk for a few weeks and get an idea for the content that is posted before starting a new thread.


AnĂ­bal Rojas
2006-11-25 11:51:25
Arepas at NYC? That sounds like Sebastian Delmont spreading venezuelan food all arround the world :-)
2006-11-25 14:26:46
Thats a good guess, Anibal. ;)
Nathaniel Talbott
2006-11-25 22:01:44
The Raleigh.rb mailing list, of course :-)
Curt Hibbs
2007-01-04 20:39:08
I subscribe to my local St. Louis Ruby Users Group: