The Joys of 3 am

by brian d foy

We've developed a night schedule in my house. My wife is an opera singer, so during productions, she works from roughly 7 pm to 11pm, and after that we have dinner. I'm a techie type, so that suits me just fine.

We're both well-acquainted with early morning TV, although TiVo usually keeps us away from that. However, this week I've noticed that a lot of things important to me happen at 3 am.

For instance, TiVo likes to talk to the mothership at 3am. That may be a setting, but not one that I've changed.

Also, our internet cable provider, Comcast, likes to fiddle with things around then, apparently. The cable modem is generally useless around that time, which explains the error messages from TiVo saying that it needs to make a service connection.

Tonight, a couple remote servers I need to deal with are down. This is prime time programming! But it's prime time on the other side too, and they know the only people they are going to annoy at this hour are music pirates and porn downloaders.

That's the joy of 3 am.