The Lap(top) of Luxury - Marware PowerBook Protection Pack

by Derrick Story

I always keep something between the keyboard and the screen of my 17" PowerBook. My favorite protector has been the Optix cloth by, but I wanted to try Marware's new Protection Pack for PowerBook.

Their approach is a little different. The kit includes a soft PVC leather-like handrest cover (very suede) that adheres to the area below the keyboard and around the trackpad. It's designed to fit perfectly. The soft surface feels really good on the palm of my hands and wrists. Actually, it's quite luxurious to have my hands resting on this suede-like leather instead of aluminum. And if you wear a watch or jewelry, the cover protects the surface of your PowerBook. The adhesive doesn't leave any residue, and you can remove the handrest and reposition it without trouble.

The keyboard cloth is microfiber, as you'd expect, and covers only the keys. Again, the fit is perfect. The stitched edge is nice touch. As with the Optix cloth, you can use the keyboard cover to clean the screen too.

The whole kit sells for $19.95 on the Marware site. It's a terrific stocking stuffer for you favorite Mac user -- just be sure to get the matching Protection Pack for his or her 12", 15" or 17" PowerBook. You might want to order one for yourself too...


2005-12-14 23:31:07
Thanks for the head's up!
I'm a big fan of Radtech's products and I love testing out their new toys to pamper my PowerBook with, so I'm glad to see this alternative. The cover for the handrest area is really clever particularly when, now that it's cold, I'm wearing jackets with buttons or zippers on the sleeves.