The last word in productivity apps

by Giles Turnbull

Productivity fans will be delighted with this latest app, produced by an all-star dev team comprising Jesse Grosjean, Alcor, Merlin Mann, and none other than Woz himself.

It’s called BigNothing, and it knocks their previous efforts (like WriteRoom and Quicksilver) for six. Seriously, it’s hard to imagine a way to get more work done faster.

Here’s a screenshot:


Check out the details: a complete lack of anything on screen, just a single swathe of dull gray color (the precise shade is tweakable in the prefs, of course).

You can invoke it at any time using the simple-to-remember command combo of Option+Command+Space+F12+Y, and it instantly covers up everything on screen. It buries your running applications, Menu Bar, Dock, desktop, everything. It even renders all the physical buttons on your Mac inoperative, preventing you from being accidentally distracted back to your work.

The dev team told me it was designed as the ultimate GTD tool. Think of all those times when the damn computer has prevented you from actually doing any work. BigNothing solves that problem by getting all distractions out of the way from the start, so you’ll have nothing to do except work. Great stuff.

UPDATE: I’ve also heard that the 1.1 update, due in the next few months, will allow you to switch BigNothing off without unplugging, or removing the battery from your Mac. Fantastic!


2007-04-01 08:18:50
2007-04-01 08:43:45
I've been using BigNothing since the first beta release. I love it! Be sure to get the latest version though, the early releases are a little buggy. Great app, and its free too!
2007-04-01 09:57:05
Thanks for the link, G, and I'm so glad you like the app.

A lot of long nights went into that, but it's all worthwhile if it keeps one person from seeing the things on their screen.

John D.
2007-04-01 12:37:46
Yes, BigNothing is my favorite of the "Lamest April Fools Mac Jokes" that I've seen. Though you get extra credit for the "UPDATE" part of your post, you get a strong demerit for the lack of even a fake download link for this "app."
Jacco Rens
2007-04-01 12:49:56
I'm still working with the beta, since that has an all black user interface. That way, all text I enter, directly moves into the right context.
2007-04-02 02:51:13
I'm utterly disappointed with this release - the fact that you can specify the shade of grey has meant I've had to spend several hours trying to get it 'just-so'. Roll on 1.2 !
Jesse Grosjean
2007-04-02 05:13:13
Thanks, I'm glad you like the app! If people have more ideas for improving it please let me know :)
2007-04-02 07:27:39
Nice idea but beat you to it!
2007-04-03 09:15:23
I would like to bring out a Ruby on Rails version of the same. Could you share the source SVN link, please.