The Light Table Feature

by Allen Rockwell

LightTable2.jpgToday I'm going to write about a feature of Aperture that you've probably heard of but maybe never tried. We all establish our own personal workflow style pretty early on when using new software, and I'm no different. I've been using Aperture since the day version 1.0 was released and I have only very recently begun playing around with the Light Table feature. Based on that confession it is obvious that I am not final authority on the light table feature, but I thought I'd just bring it to your attention in case you never looked into it before.

First off, lets create a light table and get some images into it...


2006-12-30 18:06:25
Allen, any chance of you explaining the usages, once you have the photos layed out the way you want them. Can you lay them out, even overlap them, and use them in that format in a photo book?