The Love Just Keeps Getting More and More Lovely

by M. David Peterson

POX and Indigo

Steve just posted the checkin mail that went around today.

POX support is no longer an optional download but rather is an intrinsic (and ubiquitous) part of the product.

Even cooler is the fact that it's using the existing TextEncoder that we use for the rest of the product.

Just set the MessageVersion property to the right value and the SOAP-ness gets lathered away or rinsed off as appropriate.

And btw, this doesn't count against the $100.

In case you are unaware (and theres no real reason I would/should expect that you are aware) please see this post from my personal blog in regards to what the term "The Love" refers to. [Update: An interesting point of trivia... In the picture linked to in the previous link, the laptop (which is in some serious need for a "static free" cloth cleansing ;)) in which you can see the corner of at the bottom of the pic, is none-other than Sam Ruby's (< link to pic of Sam at the same conference) ThinkPad . Not that this suggests anything beyond the fact that its possible to get both Don Box, and the corner of Sam Ruby's laptop together into the same frame, at the same time... but for what its worth, now you know. A directory (with style and class :) with a few more pics from that same conference can be seen here.

Update: I should clarify that a bit better. "The Love" in the case of the title to this post refers to the general flow of XML goodness that has been streaming from MS campus as of late. In the above linked example it obviously refers to an article from Don Box titled "Scheme is Love". If you access a partial follow-up post to the above link it extends the Scheme is Love portion a bit. Finally, what became somewhat of an infamous (maybe controversial would be a better term) post regarding my dislike of OOP as the foundation of any particular programming paradigm, this post, which Don later quoted from, should bring this all back around into how he, in a round about way, becomes a nice example of the overall "Love" that has, and I believe will continue, to come from the general MS direction in the foreseeable future. As such, the suggested nickname below.

[original content cntd.]
Queston: If he doesn't already, do you think Don Box would immediattelly "learn" to hate me if I were to suggest the term "The Love" as a nickname? Personally, I like it... But I would also hate for "The Love" to hate me. That said, I believe its officially too late now. So I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. :)

Either way, "The Love" is helpin' to spread some seriousness XML Love from the general direction of Redmond, WA, USA... a trend that I am beginning to seriously Love myself. :)

Thanks MS/Don "The Love" Box/Don "The Love" Box's dev crew!

NOTE: Please see Don "The Love" Box's original post for the links to each reference point in the above text.