The Main Event

by Steve Simon

It was a surprise to read Derek's post about his new OWC bus-powered drive. Only because just a day earlier, inspired by some of your comments on my last post of "How Fast Is Fast Enough"--your Aperture/Hard Drive performance experiences made me seek out the fastest, biggest bus-powered drive I could get (and afford).

I ended up looking at the same drives as Derek, and spending the extra 50--picking up the OWC 7200-200GB FW 800 drive, that works on my older MacBook Pro with FW400 connection via the FW800 to 400 cable that comes with it. (I will be upgrading soon to a new MacBook Pro).

I too have a need for space, but I figured, as some have pointed out, that speed in the field can be very valuable and that there is a noticeable boost of performance with 7200 vs. 5400 bus-powered drives. So I spent fifty extra bucks for 50 less GBs. Crazy man or smart photographer? I will report back.

Michael B on Derrick's Post brought up an excellent point. What do you do with older drives you replace with bigger, shinier, faster new ones? This is both an economic and environmental concern, and maybe you have some ideas how best to deal with this.

I wouldn't buy a used drive and I never think to sell them. But there are always less geeky friends and family who would appreciate a 160GB external drive that for them, would be huge.

I'm looking forward to seeing Derek again sometime soon for the main event: our two drives, facing off in the ring with Inside Aperture photographers placing bets as to who got the better deal. I suspect we both did.

Fight 2.jpg
Inside Aperture Presents: The no-holds-barred battle of speed vs. size and everybody wins. Photo Copyright Steve Simon.


2007-08-09 14:59:37
everytime I look at that shot, my eyes hurt. Can you tell I would be on the recieving end of a scuffle like that?