The Marching Morons Strike Again

by Kurt Cagle

Famed science fiction author CM Kornbluth wrote one of his most famous stories, The Marching Morons, in 1951, as a commentary about both the general populace (and its collective lack of intelligence) and the ruling elite and THEIR collective lack of intelligence. If you have never read it, you're missing out on one of the seminal works of the era, but I find that over time it also seems to be a remarkably prescient look at the US leadership.


2006-06-11 12:45:42
And the House Republicans are trying to guy National Public Radio yet again. They have been working since the Nixon administration when they discovered that having their laundry aired in public instead of through channels they own (Think Fox News Network) works against their electability.

Anyone still sporting a W sticker on their car is fair game in parking lot frogger. Make them understand what it means to have free expression attacked by making their insurance premiums rise.

M. David Peterson
2006-06-11 15:23:26
This sucks! (not your post, but the reason behind the post... in case you were wondering ;)

Whether they will listen or not, its up to us to get the message to the Senate...

We don't want this. Kill it. Please.

2006-06-11 21:44:22
LOL, companies...BBAADDD. MORE government regulation...GGOOOODDD. Liberals are the morons, as is Kurt Cagle.

And len, gutting NPR is a GOOD thing - it's nothing but a far left propaganda outlet. If people really cared to listen, they'd be able to make it on their own instead of bloodsucking taxpayers.

Kurt Cagle
2006-06-11 22:36:21

I'm actually astonished that the House is even going AFTER NPR -- they control the government, they can put whoever they want into the upper echelons of NPR and it has been sporting a considerably more conservative lean in recent years. Maybe its because they've already decided that it would be better just to give the franchise to Fox, or they need another stalking horse to shore up the 5% of the base that they have remaining.

As to Joe's comment - I'm always more likely to answer posts from people who are willing to at least include an e-mail address to respond to, rather than making ad hominem attacks without sticking around long enough for the damn rebuttal.

This isn't a matter of corporate vs. non-corporate - take a look at the list of people who are for the Net Neutrality provisions ... it includes Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft for god's sake, none of which I'd exactly call bastions of left wing sentiment, not to mention more than a few very right wing organizations. This is ultimately a question of a fairly concerted effort on the part of the telcos to limit what little still exists of free speech in the US for the sake of their own profits.

I'm not going to turn this into a political flame war. It's not the forum for that. If you have relevent and germane comments about the issue, I'd love to hear it. If, on the other hand, your idea of debate is to attack the debater, then I'll let others draw their own conclusions...

2006-06-11 22:46:23
Such is the nature of the state -- trying to patch over problems it created itself ten years earlier.

If cable providers had not been granted monopolies by the government in the first place, people would now have many more choices for accessing the internet. And if they had more choices, it would be harder for ISP's to go against their customers' wishes.

Granted, there is a significant entry barrier for the ISP market, but let's work on getting rid of taxes and regulations to lower that barrier and allow for much more competition. Then not only will the net be neutral, it'll be cheaper too.

elmer fudd
2006-06-11 23:40:11
Joe: why don't you read on GSM and how government regulation in the EU gave us an advantage. I look forward for the US to bog itself down again with a myriad of semi-closed networks. Please, Joe, work harder so that the EU and other large economic blocks can trottle ahead of your small government country...
Steve McIntyre
2006-07-30 09:53:59
Well done. The use of The Marching Morons as an example of horror stories predicting the future is very appropriate. There are also terrifying correlations to works such as 1984, Brave New World and, if we continue the trend of uncontrolled breeding, Soylent Green. As the citizens of the United States sink deeper into the blissful ignorance and apathy promoted by television and Soma(anti-depressants), our government(now an entity separate from it's creators and supposed controllers) grows bolder and less caring about exposing the blatent abuse of it's powers to control and manipulate it's population. The Thought Police(Homeland Security) gain more power every day to intrude into the lives of the people it is supposedly here to protect and serve. If this bill, and others like it, pass it will be a further step toward the utopian ideal of a orderly society in which the population meekly accepts the edicts of Big Brother. After all, Big Brother knows what's best for us...Doesn't he?
2007-02-06 13:35:50
I am afraid that free speach is dead. Perhaps, for some, this is a good idea. For the poor people who can not afford ever increasing access rates it is not a good idea. Please, write your senator and go to the home page and take action from there as well. To the brown nosed flamer...Don't bother, I'll never be back here to read your drivel! LOL
P.S. Too bad they killed the space program. Maybe, the moon would be free.
2007-04-15 01:06:03
Interesting comments.. :D