The Matrix, Revisited

by M. David Peterson

Update: An interesting article linked to from "cognitively cognate" sets up stage with the following scenario,

Aniruddh Patel of the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California, US, and colleagues wanted to know how people from different cultures group non-identical sounds. They recruited a group of 100 volunteers, half of whom were American and the other half Japanese. The volunteers listened to sequences of alternating long and short or loud and soft tones (audio clips in wav format).

The result? Please click-through to find out, though I will point out the fact that with all of what follows, opinions and results may vary. What I might perceive as one thing, someone else might perceive the "same thing" as something completely different.

Of course, I didn't even touch on percent encoded UR{I|L}'s, but then again there are no doubt those people who simply do not care or do not agree or do not [something all together different], so for what it's worth, there ya have it :)

Thanks for the comment/link, cognitively! :)

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NOTE: No red, blue, or any other pill colors will be mentioned from this point forward. In other words, this isn't that kind of Matrix post. ;)

Last April, Mark Nottingham made a post to the web-http discussion list regarding Matrix URI's...

It would be great if WADL and other Web description formats could
accommodate Matrix URIs;

so that the parameters of the Matrix URI would be handled in a
fashion similar to the way query parameters are handled.

We're starting to use them pretty extensively.

Until that point I had forgotten about Matrix URI's, but as soon as I was reminded, I realized...

Why have we not been using Matrix URI's all along???!!!

Matrix URIs - Ideas about Web Architecture


cognitively cognate
2006-12-26 08:38:56
Interesting post.

Here's an article on the influence of one's native language on human parsing of sounds:

M. David Peterson
2006-12-26 10:48:18

Thanks! Please see my comments above :)

2007-06-15 16:26:02
Great reading, thanks M.David
2008-08-13 04:09:04
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