The Missing Drupal Manual: Pro Drupal Development

by Spencer Critchley

Drupal, one of the leading open source content management systems, is amazing. The more I learn about it the more impressed I am by the depth of thought (and amount of work) that's gone into making it so powerful and flexible.

But, thanks to its complexity and to the large gaps and flaws in its documentation (poor documentation being a common problem with open source projects), Drupal can also be a huge time sink, frustration generator and spawner of traffic on the forums. Now, though, comes relief: "Pro Drupal Development", by John K. VanDyk and Matt Westgate, both of whom are key contributors to the Drupal project. If you're thinking about doing anything beyond just installing Drupal and using its admin interface, get this book. It could quite likely save you weeks of trial and error.


Alexander Langer
2007-05-22 01:25:22
Thanks for the review! I've been planning to use Drupal for some small and mid-sized projects for months. In fact I've been too busy caring much about it in my rare free time. Decisions got made just yesterday and so now I've got a lot of work to do. I've set up some test sites over the last couple of months, played around with CCK only when Drupal 5 happened to arrive.

It seems your review fits just great in my current time frame and so you find me reading the example chapter of "Pro Drupal Development". If it reads well (and I have no doubt it will) I'll buy me an ebook version asap, cuz German Amazon says shipping may take some 4 to 6 weeks - time I don't have / want to waste.

Bill Pena
2007-05-22 10:10:16
Thank goodness! I've developed a couple of Drupal-based sites now, and while Drupal itself is a dream, the documentation for developers is abysmal. It covers how to user the basic installation just fine, but some basic and critical ideas to development are completely missing. Even when the questions are asked plainly in forums, contributors have a hard time explaining just how the whole thing works. Glad to see there's a book out there that will make Drupal more accessible.
2007-06-03 06:29:38
Drupal is really flexible and powerfull open source CMS.
Whith help of very good user community, you can find a lot of answered question (in user forums).
Still this excellent book can save you a lot of time.