The MMS Hockey Stick

by Raj Singh

So a colleague recently put together this graph.


It's using data from the published numbers available in the Verizon and Cingular financial reports; you can look up these numbers yourself. There is no doubt that MMS is finally taking off but the real question for me is MMS to a service taking off. What this graph doesn't show is the break-out between MMS phone-to-phone versus MMS to an email address; I'm going to assume that 99% of it is phone-to-phone.

One of the issues we've been experiencing at Veeker, is teaching users how to send MMS to an email address. Often when we tell users to send a photo or video from their phone to an email address, they immediately assume "email" and not MMS. Phones are not optimized for this behavior, usually placing you in T9 numeric mode when entering in the recipient (phone-to-phone).

The US consumer learned about SMS from American Idol but the difference there is SMS is being sent to a shortcode (a 5 digit number). MMS to a shortcode is still a ways out - only time will tell as to what will be the US campaign to teach the US consumer how to send an MMS to an email or maybe it won't happen until MMS to a shortcode is available but I definitely wouldn't say MMS has failed as many express - the hockey stick has just started.


Fabricio Bloisi
2007-06-07 16:52:45
Nice to see you discussing about MMS. We are working with MMS on Brazil since 2003 and we have similar numbers here. We are confident that the take up of new applications (as video sharing and mobile blog) will be important to help the MMS takeup. We see also MMS as a good bearer for Video download (since the user do not pay for the data transfered in the video), and we expect to see it growing on the next 2 years.

2007-10-02 10:29:15
im using sony ericsson T68i and i've trying to send my pictures from phone to my email, but i can't connect to the server i sould i do??