The Mozilla Bug That Wouldn't Die

by Kevin Hemenway

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For quite a long time now, an innocent little Bugzilla entry entitled "[INLINE] Too much space (for descenders) under image elements" has given a lot of people grief (myself included). Ranging from "IE does it right" to "don't use this DOCTYPE" to "read up on CSS, mofo!", it recently reached more than 130 comments, most of which are duplicated bug reports. A well-written explanation of this potentially far-ranging issue was recently released over at Netscape's Developer site.

Have you run across this in your own development? Have you worked around it, or redesigned and rethought your pages?


2002-02-19 17:02:46
A Porisitive "Bug"? ...
I was actually in an IRC chat on trying to figure out a problem with one page that originated there. Drove me batty.

However, since it is a "bug" in the sense that what you expect is a backwards-compatible rendering that seemed "correct" in Netscape 4 and IE (the real bug), I've taken it as a mandate to make sure my pages are written correctly. I'm not too offended that I have to stick to the W3C specs ... ;)