The New Way to Spell Dvorak: dVORAK

by Ted Wallingford

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John C. Dvorak reminds me of Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes, an impressive commentator who entertains his audience by complaining. One thing these two pundits have in common is a seeming fear of new developments, expressed through skepticism. For example, every time a major software developer updates Dvorak's favorite programs, his tendency is to "stick with the current version a little longer".

But that's not where the similarities end. Andy and John also have a tendency to nitpick with incredulity the truly mundane morsels of day-to-day life, whether on the subject of computing or in general. For example, I recall Andy Rooney once complaining on prime time TV that he couldn't measure the correct serving size of potato chips because when he got to the bottom third of the bag, the chips were all smashed into crumbs--hence, he couldn't count out 14 chips to get the recommended serving. This is the kind of complaining guys like Rooney and Dvorak do.

Today, Mr. Dvorak gave us a lengthy dissection of the iPod's U2 edition, which comes bundled with hundreds of U2 songs at a highly discounted per-song rate. Dvorak claims this will start a "controversy".

Somehow, I doubt it. I would think that Apple's competitors will probably end up doing something similar. No controversy there, John. Sorry.

And, for crying out loud, will somebody tell Mr. Dvorak that he's using the most absurd capitalization in his spelling of iPod? He keeps writing "iPOD" instead of "iPod" and it's really distracting. It's as if he thinks iPOD is some kind of acronym, or he's got some obsessive-compulsive disorder that doesn't let him put a capital in the middle of a word without capitalizing the rest of it. My 6-year-old daughter knows how to spell iPod. Why doesn't Dvorak?

Maybe we should start calling him John C. dVORAK.

John C. made me wonder, if the iPod's name were an acronym, what would it be? Itty-bitty POrtable Device? Internet POwer Dongle? Something else?


nathan strange
2004-10-27 12:10:23
60 Minutes
Don't you mean Andy Rooney rather than Morely Safer?
2004-10-27 13:28:23
Such is life.
A daily occurance for a MAC user. ;-)
2004-10-27 13:58:08
Do you mean Andy Rooney?
2004-10-27 14:55:30
Yep, Andy Rooney
Yeah, Andy Rooney... Sorry 60 Minutes fans!

Shows you how much TV I actually watch..

2004-10-28 05:32:54
Such is life.
Oh, the all-caps MAC thing always irritates me, esp. since they're now talking about ethernet :)
2004-10-28 08:41:34
His facts are wrong, too
Aside from getting the capitalization wrong, he got his facts wrong, too: the U2 iPod does NOT come bundled hundreds of U2 songs. Instead, it comes with a $50 coupon which can be used to purchase the $150 "box set" from the iTunes Music Store.