The news so far: Intel minis and new Front Row

by Giles Turnbull

OK folks, here's what we got so far:

New Mac mini - same size, same shape, but Intel powered. With Front Row and Apple Remote. Core Solo CPU and Core Duo models to choose from. Gigabit Ethernet, four USB ports, analogue and SPDIF audio outs. Between 2.5 and 5.5 times faster than previous models, depending on the processor. But! Prices have gone up - $599 and $799. Available now.

Front Row - new feature: it can tune into shared iTunes libraries, and shared iPhoto pictures & videos. Streaming: "Media from any other Mac or Windows computer running iTunes will be piped over to the Mac mini hooked up to your television set." Really making use of Bonjour now.

More to come.


2006-02-28 11:12:50

2006-02-28 11:36:04
The $599 model is still only $599. Only the price has changed for the Superdrive version. (The $499 was the stripped down version and not worth buying.)
2006-02-28 21:01:03
Ah, the Rosetta Mini. And whoever decided to go with the integrated Intel graphics GPU and shared memory should be banished to Dell.