The ONLamp Ombudsman Wants YOU

by James Turner

I mentioned a new ONLamp feature in last week's Linux Newsletter (and if you don't get the newsletter, full of my sparkling wit and charm, as well as a summary of the articles and blogs for the week, why don't you?). The ONLamp Ombudsman will work to resolve those pesky questions to the Ombudsman (which is my secret identity...), and he'll work to track down the answers.

Had an annoying PHP bug that no one on the mailing list seems to have an answer for? Been trying to figure out how to do something in MySQL, but no one has a clue? Tired of rhetorical questions? Send those problems to the ONLamp Ombudsman (in care of turner at, with OMBUDSMAN in the subject, guess it's not much of a secret identity, eh?), and I'll... I mean he'll try to find the answers to a select few. Let the awesome power of the ONLamp Ombudsman, second only to the Israeli Army, work for you!


2007-04-30 11:22:04
Tired of rhetorical questions? Yes
Finally some one understand the main difference between commercial support and mailing list help. The traditional mailing lists is full of people answering with Why you do so , is better my way, may be, I don't know the details .....

Sometime is full of people that know the answer but don't want to reveal all the details...I know it takes time to learn, but if you have personal problems to explain procedure to help other people is better to keep silent and don't waste data base memory with thousand of rethorical questions.

Or you are happy to help other people or don't answer in mailing list.


A very unsatisfied mailing list user