The Open Source Community

by Dustin Puryear

Robert Bruner has an excellent blog about the challenges facing management. I read the article and, generally, I have to agree with his view. As a quick list, here are the items Robert noted:

• Ubiquitous mobile connectivity and computing.
• Growing interactivity.
• Spreading norms of open source collaboration
• Increasing complexity of software service
• Unlimited and unfiltered access to products: “hits” versus the long tail
• Daily me

The two that I found the most fascinating were “Spreading norms of open source collaboration” and “Increasing complexity of software service”.

Opens source collaboration is about a lot more than just writing open source software. It is about the whole mentality that goes with being open, including “pen-source software consortiums, wikis, blogs, software mashups, chat rooms, social networking, peer-to-peer downloading, personal broadcasting, and the like”. In other words, it is about the community.

What is so exciting about open source and the open source community, to me at least, isn’t so much the software but the lifestyle and how its changing government, business, and our own personal lives.