The Pause That Refreshes

by James Turner

You may notice that no articles are going up this week on the ONLamp / Database / SysAdmin time-space continuum this week (at least I think there aren't any, I'm still getting used to our content management system...) This is mostly due to me settling into my new job here, but rest assured there are plenty of articles in the pipeline, and you'll be seeing two of them next week. Stephane Faroult will have the first half of an excellent piece on how to emulate Analytic Functions in MySQL, and Raju Varghese continues his look at how to visualize server log files using Gnuplot.

In addition, you may recall that I mentioned last week that there might be some new and fun things coming to ONLamp in the near future. In fact, the first of these has made significant progress over the last week, and is now looking likely to appear in mid-April, a weekly ONLamp-themed comic strip. If things continue to go as planned, I'll be writing the strips and a good friend and outstanding comic book artist, Randy Silverman, will be doing the art. Look for some sneak peeks in the near future!

Initial response to my call for articles has been amazing, I already have several writers committed to upcoming features as a result. I'm still looking for more interesting writing, especially on the topics of Perl/PHP/Python/Ruby and Databases. This is a great way to get your name out into the world, and earn some money besides!

I'll have some more geeky things to talk about later in the week, I've just returned from a 3 day corporate (day job, not O'Reilly) tech summit, and getting my bearings back.