The perfect privacy policy

by William Grosso

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I was looking at refurbished boxes on Tech Depot (a subsidiary of Office Depot that I like a lot). One of the boxes I was looking at struck me as a little too expensive. And so, I clicked on the "Tell me when this price drops" link (in itself, a wonderful feature-- if they drop the price by enough, they'll automatically let me know).

Up came a very simple page with a single form which requested three things: my target price, my e-mail address, and the date when the request should expire.

Ordinarily, I balk at giving companies my e-mail address. But not in this case. Because the same page also contained their privacy policy. Here it is, in full:
Tech Depot will in no way use your email address for anything other than the intended purposes herein.

That's perfect. One sentence, complete assurance.

The question is: why do so many other websites not get it?