The Perl Review: cheaper subscription options

by brian d foy

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When I started The Perl Review, I had an online edition and a bunch of people who wanted it on paper. Now I have a print edition (and the online edition is still there), and people want to subscribe to an online-only plan so they don't pay for international shipping.

That's fine with me. I can do it either way. TPR now has an online-only plan that costs the same as the US print edition, and if we start printing in another part of the world (looking at Europe now and Australia later), those parts can convert to the print edition for no extra cost.

And, after dumbly grouping the rest of North America into "International", I've adjusted those prices for Canadian and Mexican subscriptions to reflect the lower shipping costs to the countries on either side of me.

I've also created some RSS feeds for TPR news and discussion, and a public discussion forum on LiveJournal. The user feedback has been great, and I'd like to get more of it.