The Perl Review goes print

by brian d foy

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The first print issue of The Perl Review is coming off the press now. I just about worked myself to death to finish it up in time so I can have it at OSCON. That's the problem of tangible products: I can't just wait to the last minute to finish it and upload it. I really wanted to give some out at OSCON, though, so I don't mind the lost sleep. So far, all work has been by volunteers using open source tools. Some day I have to write about that, but not now because I need to get ready for OSCON.

I'll be sending it out to subscribers as soon as I can, and a PDF version for subscribers will be available soon.

Articles in this issue:

Test Driven Development -- David Kosykh

Extending XML::XPath -- Michel Rodriguez

Magick Tile Puzzles -- Grant McLean

and some other things...