The Perl Review, Spring 2007

by brian d foy

The next issue of The Perl Review is out, and it's a special edition for the Nordic Perl Workshop! Not only that, the PDF-only price is now only $7. Subscribe now to beat the price increase for US postage rate increases in May.

The Spring 2007 issue of The Perl Review is online and ready for download. Subscribers should have already received an email telling them all about it. In this issue (besides the cover showing Gary Blackburn's license "PERL GOD" license plate), there's:

  • History of the Nordic Perl Workshop -- Jonas Nielsen
  • New Features in Perl 5.10 -- Renée Bäcker
  • Dynamic Object Reconfiguration -- Peter Scott
  • Adding Transactions to [cpan://DBM::Deep] -- Rob Kinyon
  • Parsing with Parse::Eyapp -- Casiano Rodriguez Leon
  • can() You Do It? -- brian d foy
  • and other stuff