The Perl Review, Summer 2007

by brian d foy

The Summer 2007 issue of The
Perl Review
is out, and it's a special edition for the href="">YAPC::NA sponsored by href="">LiveText (who are looking for good
Perl programmers in the Chicago area). href=""
>This issue's cover is some of the conference detritus I've
collected over the years.

The >Summer 2007 issue of The Perl Review
is online and ready for download. Subscribers should have already received an email
telling them all about it.

In this issue:

  • Managing Modules Without Going Crazy -- brian d foy
  • Carp & Friends -- Alberto Simões
  • The Perl Debugger -- Richard Foley
  • Tk Mega-widgets -- Charles Colbourn
  • and other stuff

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