The power of Orange

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

For about three days now, half of Paris has been unable to place mobile calls through our national cell phone provider, Orange. For about three days now, only a couple managers at the company, when hard pressed, end up admitting there is an issue with "calls that are not SMS" while level one support keeps sending customers back to the booklet that came with their handsets for troubleshooting information. For three days now, nobody has said a word about it.


Jeff Powell
2006-01-28 20:28:05
Good point FJ -- we often tend to forget that what is so common sense to us, is still primarily unknown to such a large part of society. Will they eventually get wired in? (should they have to?). Sorry to hear of the difficulty this is causing you and hopefully it will not go on for long.


2006-01-29 11:13:44

Thanks for taking the time to post!

You indeed raise a very valid point: should the public care and, more importantly, should they have to? In a responsible world, where companies would publish outages and status in an easily accessible fashion — this is where RSS feeds spark dreams of a central custom repository for all such matters —, the public definitely would not need to care. As of today, though, anyone wishing to have even a remote grasp on his world is definitely forced to at least keep a casual look on the matter.