The Power Of Tim Bray

by M. David Peterson

A while back I made the statement,

Of course Tim Bray is doing his best to ensure that this doesn't happen and if anyone is capable of accomplishing the task of (ironically, given the roots of the term "Java") waking up the Java insiders to the fact that there are a TON of people who could care less about Java as a language, but have interest in Java as a language neutral platform, it would be Tim. But in all honesty, it may very well be too late. Then again, we're talking about Tim Bray, so maybe not. Time will tell.

I guess time has told,

ongoing � JRuby Love

Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, better known as "The JRuby Guys", are joining Sun this month. Yes, I helped make this happen, and for once, you're going to be getting the Sun PR party line, because I wrote most of it. [Update: It strikes me that thank-yous are in order. Given that Sun is in the process of (appropriately) slashing some of its engineering groups, new hires are a little tricky. A lot of people helped, but I think the biggest contributions were from our Software CTO Bob Brewin and especially Rich Green, who approved the reqs about fifteen seconds after Bob and I raised the issue.]

First XML, then Atom, now this = Both the greatest decision *AND* investment Sun Microsystems made in 2004 (or was it 2003? Lets just say both, and be done with it ;)

Tim, I've never been shy to speak my mind on things, and I'm not going to stop now: Yet again, your talent and capability to get the job done and done right absolutely astonishes me. Your humble approach to demanding respect (e.g. earning it with your actions instead of demanding it with your words) is something I think each and every one of us, including and, even more so, *especially* me, both can and should use as an example to follow in our own lives.


To the rest of the world: Buckle up folks... I'd say we are about to witness something truly spectacular in regards to the competition in the VM space and therefore a better overall world of computing as a result.



anjan bacchu
2006-09-08 11:19:48
hi there,

I hope that sun(tim bray and jonathan listening ?) can also get Daniel Robbins(of gentoo fame) interested in their OpenSolaris project.

Apart from fixing performance of JRuby(let's say that it will be able to run rails 0.5 times as fast as say CRuby in 6 months time), what else will this move accomplish for sun ? Maybe, Netbeans will have good ruby support ? How about Glassfish ? will there be a easy deploy rails app to GlassfishAndJRuby/TomcatAndJRuby from Netbeans ?


M. David Peterson
2006-09-08 19:36:09
@~A (anjan),

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Secondly, >> (tim bray and jonathan listening ?) I guess that all depends on how you define 'listening'? ;) Will they read this? No clue. If they do, will they listen? No clue. If they do listen, will they pursue Daniel as you suggest? Well, if ((bool pointone && bool pointtwo) == (true)), then, well... still no clue.

That said, I would certainly agree with your point. Landing Daniel Robbins is something that would definitely be a good thing. And it seems to me that if Tim and/or Jonathan were to agree; well, I think we can safely state that Jonathan would be able to pull some strings to make it happen. ;)

What about Tim? In my own opinion, whatever it is and no matter what it is -- If Tim Bray is involved, *ANYTHING* is possible.