The Real First Apple Phone

by Todd Ogasawara

If you are humor-impaired, please skip the rest of this blog entry.

I stumbled upon what seems to me to be real first Apple Phone with a date patent listed as December 10, 1985 (more than a quarter of a century old) and filed in 1982. You'll note in the diagram reproduced below that unlike the Apple iPhone introduced in 2007, the 1985 version was a flip-phone :-)


If you look at the patent, you'll see that the Representation of an apple with a bite cut out is correctly noted as an Apple Computer, Inc. trademark.

Patent No.: Des. 281,686


2007-01-26 05:02:36
Uhm... a quarter of a century is 25 years. Let's see... 2007 - 1985 = 22.

So, it's not quite "more than a quarter of a century old", now is it, Todd Ogasawara?

Kevin Buterbaugh
2007-01-26 06:16:31
Yep, the slogan of the TV show "Numb3rs" is "We all use math every day." Now I understand why the slogan isn't "We all use math *correctly* every day."


Todd Ogasawara
2007-01-26 08:07:05
Neuroklinik/Kevin Buterbaugh: Ah yes, the joys of quickly posting a (hopefully) humorous blog item. I should have written something like a concept more than a quarter of a century old. Although the patent was granted in 1985, it was filed in November 1982. And, presumably, it was conceived even earlier given the work necessary to file a patent. Thanks for the catch.
2007-01-26 08:11:49
Back on topic.... that is one ugly phone.
2007-01-26 18:53:49
"Back on topic.... that is one ugly phone."

It was probably a beautiful piece of art back in 1985. On another note....wasn't motorola have supposed to invent the "flip phone" in the mid 90's? Guess Apple even revolutionised the mobile phone before anyone else.

Todd Ogasawara
2007-01-26 21:46:17
Nick: I believe that phone is the corded variety, not a cell. Cell phones back then (mid-80s) was about the size of a brick and there weren't many "styles" to choose from.
2007-01-27 00:55:53
Is this a joke?
2007-01-27 05:37:43
Best feature, I think is it dials 911 automatically ... you could get seriously injured using one of these LOL!!
2007-01-27 08:51:47
@neuro - filed in 1982, awarded 1985 ..

idea files in 1982 = 25 years old, and if it took more than a year to come up with and draft the idea it's 'more than a quarter of a century old'

if you're gonna nit-pick please think intelligently!

2007-01-27 09:51:56
It could be used in your fruit's basket!

It is written as "1985 (more than a quarter of a century old)", so Todd was either referencing to 1985 or he placed the text in the wrong place.

2007-01-27 14:12:10
*habenwill* ;-)
2007-10-03 10:32:19
Apparently, A LOT of people are humor-impared...
Bob the Builder
2007-10-10 18:16:57
This is the most stupidest looking phone is have ever seen in my whole life. it makes TV remote seem hi-tech.
2007-10-20 14:22:42
bahahahahahaha i laugh at what the 1980s thought we were limited too! lolololololololol
Chris Dumm
2007-11-16 22:58:37
I think this is funny as heck. Nice Find!
2007-11-18 19:48:17
the apple people should relaunch this as a home Phone!!!
2007-11-27 12:34:51
Nice picture, thats great. The real apple phone
Neuro is wrong
2007-12-17 12:24:18
If you check the patent filing date, it is pronounced to be 1982...
25 years.
2008-01-29 15:59:32
wahaha cool
2008-02-20 13:05:15
I have a phone that is shaped like an apple. It doesn't have a bite in it, but when you open it there is a black label with gold writing which says "Apple Phone tm." It is about 20 years old.
Does anyone know its approximate value?
2008-03-04 23:15:13
looks like mine....
Cool gal
2008-03-12 13:32:43
Anjani Iman
2008-05-23 12:14:42
I see lots of phones like this one right now. In the movie JUNO, there's a phone like this, but it's a hamburger. *laughs* This could prove that this phone could still be in "style." I would use it to replace my home phone if I could. That's mainly my comment.