The Shaping of Mac OS X Con

by Derrick Story

The thing I find interesting about the first day of an O'Reilly conference is watching it take shape. Typically, we run tutorials at the start, which means attendees spend more time in class and are seen less in the common areas. This relaxed pace makes it easier to have sustained conversations with those just arriving and preparing for the fireworks that begin on Tuesday morning.

Many of the speakers I visited with today are still fiddling with their presentations. You might think this is due to procrastination. But actually their talks were ready some time ago because of our materials deadline. This is more refinement. It's a byproduct of being totally "in to" their subjects.

And that's what I like about the first day -- spending time with people who are passionate about their interests, and who want to share that passion with others. I can't wait to see these sessions and feature presentations. The standards have been set by today's tutorials. I can tell already that this conference is shaping up to be what so many of us had hoped -- smart, vibrant, and very enjoyable.