The Software Development Forum: Making the World a Better Place

by William Grosso

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For about four years now, I've been volunteering at SDForum. It's a nice place. The goal is to educate the developer community, to help everyone keep pace with technology, and, in general, to just foster the community. There are 2,000 members, and 20+ meetings a month; we've managed to survive the way Silicon Valley has cratered in the past year (and even thrive).

I've been chair of the Java SIG (meets monthly in Palo Alto; see here for details) for a little over 2 years. It's been a fun run, and I've learned a hell of a lot from chairing it.

Anyway. I'm starting a new SIG right now, and that's actually consuming most of my blogging energy (I'll start blogging in earnest in another week or so) But, in lieu of blog entries, might I suggest visiting the SDForum website and seeing if anything we're doing interests you.

I'd love to hear feedback on SDForum. What would make us a better organization?


2003-02-09 13:22:39
Software Development Productivity and Spirituality
We are researching the relationship between spirituality and software development productivity. We are conducting a survey and hope to find as many software developers
as possible to help us. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance.
2003-04-13 01:05:39
Jobs Available for FreeLance Developers
Jobs Available for FreeLance Developers

We are a software production house in New Delhi, India. We need developers for the following jobs immediately.

1. Chat Engine:

We wish to make a internet based chat software which will emulate a front desk officer/receptionist of a company. We will tell you the what the robot should be like, ie her style, characterestics, tastes and other attributes. You have to make a inteligent software, so that anybody chatting on it will not come to know it is a robot/software. this project is immediately available.

2. Search Engine

We want to make a internet search engine which will crawl on all sites on the internet and deposit its photographs and keywords in our database. We want a image search engine. This project is also immediately available.

We are looking for talented and hard working people who have a flair in working on cutting edge technologies and innovative concepts. Interested individuals may respond immediately to Gaurav Gupta,