The Software Under the Bed

by Curtis Poe

I'm not going to name the software company or their product because I believe they would cheerfully sue me down to my underwear if they were identified. As a result, I'm going to change a few details, but the following nightmare is true. And if you meet me at a conference, I am not going to tell you who they are. Instead, I'll call them "Alpha". Comments are enabled for this entry, but please don't speculate about who this company might be. I can't afford the legal fees (though feel to post similar horror stories).

Alpha is a huge software company that puts out a very, very fast, scalable piece of software that many companies use for mission critical work. To their credit, their software usually does what it's supposed to do, but it's extremely expensive and requires very expensive employees to maintain it. Because of the nature of my work, I've had encounters with Alpha numerous times. Here is why I almost always recommend alternatives, preferably open-source.